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A Brief History of Cambrai Primary School

School History   [ 104 KB, Adobe PDF ]

A brief history outlining major events since the commencement of schooling in
the district in 1876.

Cambrai Area School

Cambrai Primary School in 2018
Staff Members Title
Michele Holloway Principal
Michelle Fraser Junior Primary Teacher (Reception- Yr 2)
Sally Davies-Cavuoto Middle Primary Teacher (Year 3/4/5)
Milly Hoffman Upper Primary Teacher (Year 5/6/7)
Robyne Van Dissel Science Teacher
Charmaine Pietsch Preschool Teacher
Jill Lienert Pastoral Care Worker
Barb Endersby SSO - Finance Officer
Mavis Littlehales SSO - Receptionist
Kath Hogan SSO - Library, Front Office
Michelle Mitchell SSO - Information Technology
Bronwyn Loffler SSO - Playgroup Coordinator, ECW, Occasional Care
Rosie Trimper SSO - Reliever
Nicole Shirmer SSO - Library Assistance, Canteen Manager
Megan Wilson AEW - Classroom Support
Christopher O'Keefe Grounds Person - SSO - Classroom Support
Sarah Reinders SSO - Classroom Support
Ian Trimper Grounds Person
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Beautifully maintained grounds proudly showing the Cambrai Primary School colours
5   6  
Wonderful place for students to play and explore in the Preschool playground
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