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School Handbook
Occasional Care
Times: Wednesday, Term 1-4: 10.00am - 12:00 noon
Playgroup consists of a group of parents and their pre-school children, aged 0-5 years, who meet together regularly to share their experiences of raising children and to afford their children to opportunity to play with similar-aged friends. Playgroup can also give the parents and children a 'break' from the frustration, which often accompanies this stage of child development.
The fee is $1.00 per family per session. Currently, the school provides a Playgroup Coordinator, Mrs Bronwyn Loffler.
Books on child development are available for parents to borrow.
A Professional Early Childhood Service for 2-5 year olds held during the school term.
Wednesday 12noon - 3pm Age: 2-5 years
The occasional care program is a service offered to children between the ages of 2 and 5. Your child does not need to be toilet trained and we will support the process.
During the sessions we help your child to enjoy their time away from you. Activities are set up so that they can engage in a wide range of experiences. We encourage positive communication and safe play to ensure the well-being of each child.
Need to bring: Please provide some lunch to be eaten early in the session. Also fruit or vegetables for an additional healthy snack in a named container for our afternoon break. your child will also need a broad brimmed hat, backpack for hat, snack box, spare cothes, nappies etc.
Need to do: Please book up to 1 week prior to each session,
Phone/inform us if unable to attend session on 85645028,
Sign in upon arriving/and pick up,
Payment upon arrival (please bring correct change when possible),
Apply sunscreen when appropriate.